Red Lion, PA!

This is preschool class purple and preschool class blue!  We had a ton of fun…we read, we sang, we played, we napped.

And now, we are on the road again…

Guilford Hills Elementary School in Chambersburg, PA.  Here we Come!

Thanksgiving in Pennsylvania…can’t wait to see what happens in Pennsylvania which remains still one of my favorite state names to say out loud.

Happy Day!


Traveling is so fun and oh so tiring!

20150821_143830Our trip has been so much fun and it’s been so very, very exhausting!

So far, we’ve been to 3 schools in Tennessee and one in Virginia and we’ve finally arrived in Pennsylvania.  We aren’t making the best time, so we are going to have to pick up our pace a bit to make it all the way to California…but it is so hard to leave and sometimes we get stuck in the big, brown truck never to be heard from again.

The last time we got lost, the extremely creative first graders at Schoolfield Elementary School in Danville, VA had some great ideas where we might be.  They thought that maybe we:

were looking for frogs and sharks by the Dan River which is exactly what we wish we had been doing.

or we stopped by SkateTown so I could teach Milo how to skate, but I don’t know how to skate either so that would have been funny to watch.

or we got hungry and stopped at McDonald’s then Bubba’s for ice cream.

or we went to the fair and rode the ferris wheel – oh how I wish!

or we snuck into the school gym and jumped rope.  I do love to jump rope!

But, nope to all of these fun things!  We were in our box, snuggled together on a big brown truck.  The first truck driver was a great singer and he sang all the time!  That ride was fun.  The second driver giggled a lot at the radio and that ride was bumpy and then we got sent to a big warehouse and we stayed there a million days until FINALLY we were rescued and on our way to Danville!

Thank you Schoolfield Elementary School!  We loved our time with you.

We have now arrived in Pennsylvania.  Stay tuned.  I wonder what we will do here, I’ve never been to Pennsylvania but that is a very, very long word and spelling it takes a bit of practice.

Bye for now!

We’re Lost!

Oh my!  The woes of travel.

We’re lost.  Actually, we think we’re lost because we have spent so much time on and off brown trucks.

Traveling truly is an adventure.

Stay tuned.  When we finally make it to Danville, VA I’m sure it will be the world’s greatest place.


This is us.  If found, please send on to the sweet children of Schoolfield Elementary in Danville, VA.

We have miles and miles to go!



I love Kingsport, TN…where there aren’t any kings but there are a million loyal subjects who are readers and writers and thinkers.  Truly millions.  This is a really big school with two librarians!

Together we learned about ponds.  We talked about what lives in a pond and what is around a pond.  We were scientists.  And then we worked on ABC order and subtraction which is just as much fun as addition it turns out…it’s just backwards.

Sometimes on Thursday’s, I like to walk backwards instead of forwards.  The world looks different backwards.  Kinda like subtraction.

I can’t wait to see what else we do in Kingsport.  We are going to be here until Friday and then we go to Virginia.  I’ve never ever been to Virginia so Milo hasn’t either.

Bye for now.

Hanging out in Kingsport, TN.


We are having a great time in Kingsport, TN where we haven’t met a king yet, but have met a million royal subjects!  Look who we’ve been hanging with…


The Berenstein Bears, Pet the Cat, Skippyjohn Jones, Frog and Toad…yay for new friends.

This is our last stop in Tennessee and then we go to Virginia.  We’ve never been to Virginia and can’t wait to see what adventures we will have in Danville at Schoolfield Elementary School.

Stay tuned to hear all about our stay in Kingsport.

Happy first day of Fall!


Spring City Colorers


I like that word – colorers.  It means people who color.  I love to color.  Today I colored with my new friends in Spring City.


We also sang while we colored, which made us charoling colorers.  It’s almost time to say good bye to Spring City…but before we leave, the fourth graders are helping me think of a million girl’s names that begin with the letter Q.  Stop back to see what these scholars have come up with.

I leave you with a portrait of me and Milo and some new friends, the charoling colorers of Spring City, TN…where it’s still hot like summertime just in case you’re wondering.


Spring City, TN!


We have arrived…off the big, brown truck and back into a library.

I love libraries.


Today we met the school mascot, the bullpup.


I can’t wait to meet the children in Spring City.  As soon as I do, I will find out more about this new place.  Milo and the bullpup are getting along fabulously!


Fun In Maryville!


I’m trying to think of a word for our first stop…how about magnificent!  Sometimes I call Milo, Milo the Magnificent.

Magnificent Maryville!

20150826_101045(1) Look at the mountains in the background.  Magnificent mountains in Maryville.  The librarian, Ms. Costner, told us that Fairview got its name from its fair view of the mountains which are million times more than just fair.  These are the Great Smokies.  Wonder what other mountains we are going to see on this trip?

On our last day in Maryville, the students wrote their own stories.

100_6640Thank you Fairview Elementary School and Ms. Costner for making our first stop magnificent and marvelous and merry!

Onto the big brown truck we go…next stop…Spring City, TN.

Fairview Elementary School!



We are here!  Fairview Elementary School in Maryville, TN.

It only took us 4 hours which is 240 minutes to get here.

The sun was shining and it’s still summer here like it is in Nashville.

And if you look across a the river you can see a big city.  It’s called Knoxville.  That is a funny way to spell Knoxville.  What happened to the “k”?  Words are funny.

My favorite word is indeed.  And my other favorite word is absurd.  Maybe in Maryville I can learn another favorite word.

This school is full of scholars which is a fancy big word for smart humans who think.  Last year Fairview Elementary School was named the Civil Air Patrol’s ACE school of the Year.  ACE stands for Aerospace Connections in Education.  Yay for space and science and slugs…since we’re cheering for all things that start with the letter “s”.